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The first of its kind in the U.S., our program offers all artistically qualified students a platform to develop their musical talents while also developing practical skills. Whether a student’s background and interests are in classical music, jazz studies or composition, this degree provides coursework and experiential learning in the “how to’s” of translating one’s artistic talents into the confident pursuit of meaningful and life-long opportunities using music as the basis.


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Who is eligible?
Any undergraduate student who is admitted to a music major on the basis of an audition and is academically qualified for admission to SDSU may pursue the major.


What if I’m not a musician, can I still pursue the degree?
This program was developed for musicians and is a rigorous professional music degree. Only students who are music majors may pursue the program.


What kind of classes outside of music will I be taking?
The degree has been developed in partnership with the Fowler College of Business. These classes include 15 units of courses that will teach you how to identify opportunities, develop a vision for a venture, how to’s about funding, marketing and other electives that you will choose to meet your specific interests and needs.


How many units are required?
This is a professional BM degree comprised of 132 units. 72 are in music coursework. We have developed the degree to include courses that also meet General Education requirements and that are pertinent to the type of background we believe will be beneficial for students in their careers. Some examples of these non-music courses include Social Media in the Digital Age, Economics, Theater Management and Events Planning.


Are there internship requirements?
Yes, all students in this major will complete several internship experiences. These may include non-profit organizations and/or for profit businesses. On campus internships may also be available.


Will I receive private lessons in my performance area?
Yes, all students admitted to the program will receive weekly lessons in their applied area.


What kinds of music classes will I be taking?
All music majors take core classes in music theory, music history, aural skills and applied music (lessons, ensembles etc.) This degree enables students to take elective units at both the lower and upper division to round out their specific interests. For example, if you are a jazz pianist, you can elect to take the jazz theory/arranging courses. If you are a composer, you might want to take the electroacoustic composition course sequence. If you are a singer, then you could elect to take diction, vocal pedagogy classes or additional ensemble experiences such as opera. The same is true for woodwind, brass, keyboard, percussion and stringed instrumental musicians. In addition the curriculum offers courses in professional music practices and community performance practicum.


Is the major impacted? What does that mean for me?
Yes, this is an impacted major. All students in this major are required to have completed 60 units with a g.p.a. of 2.9 or better, earned a C or better in Accounting 201 and Music 205B before being permitted to enroll in upper division courses in the major.


For additional information about this degree track, please contact the program advisor:

Dr. Eric Starr
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