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We are the School of Music and Dance that provides specialized instruction, career development opportunities for students by creating a dynamic artistic environment based on the unique strengths and knowledge of our accomplished faculty. We emphasize high quality performance experiences for students, professional engagement and applied practical training in music and dance. Each student’s career aspirations are advanced under the supervision of a supportive and skilled faculty.

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Performing is at the heart of the School of Music and Dance and we offer numerous opportunities for both majors and non-majors to perform in a wide variety of ensembles. With 2 Orchestras, 3 Concert Bands, multiple Jazz Ensembles and Combos, Athletic Bands, Chamber Groups, there’s an instrumental ensemble for everyone at SDSU! SDSU offers both auditioned and non-auditioned ensembles so that all levels of musicians can find a musical outlet during their time at SDSU.

Performance Opportunities

All performance ensembles are under the guidance of experienced faculty who promote excellence and professionalism in the performance environment. Whether you are a clarinetist interested in symphonic experience, a singer with a passion for choir or opera, or a mariachi violinist - you’ll find a range of engaging options to meet your interests.

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Dance Opportunities for Non-Majors

We believe that dance is for everyone. Have you danced your whole life and you can’t live without it? Have you always wanted to dance but something always got in the way? There are opportunities for everybody to experience dance at SDSU.

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Community Music School

The Community Music School is part of the School of Music and Dance at SDSU and is designed to serve the needs of our community and the University. The CMS mission is to provide high quality, accessible and diverse music and dance instruction for all ages, abilities and income levels. The CMS offers individual instruction opportunities to study most instruments as well as voice, theory, and composition.