Engagement and Outreach

The Importance of Engagement

music student holding stringed instrument, engaging with an infant. Photo Credit: Rich WilliamsWe live in a time and society where performers, scholars, and creators in the professional worlds of music and dance must be active and articulate advocates for their art.  Audiences and interest in the performing arts are cultivated and sustained by our being active members of the communities in which we live and work.

The School of Music and Dance faculty at San Diego State University is committed to producing graduates who are not only prepared for their professional ambitions, but who are also able to become leaders and advocates for the arts in society.

Connections Throughout San Diego

The School of Music and Dance has an active relationship with many of the region’s professional music and dance organizations.  Many of our faculty members are directly involved as professional performers, consultants, or serve as a resource to the professional music ensembles and dance companies of San Diego.  Such connections enable students to have access to the wealth of cultural organizations in the area, as audience members, interns, performers, or to gain real-world professional experience.

The following professional organizations in San Diego are among the many arts and community organizations actively affiliated with the School of Music and Dance at San Diego State University.