Douglas Osmun

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Lecturer, Composition



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Douglas Osmun is a composer and mixed media sound artist who navigates the interstitial spaces of human and digital interaction, exploring the subjectivities and superstructures which emerge from systemic contexts. These themes are developed through the creation of multi-modal art objects in which any given piece is devised to produce different outcomes which are contingent by its presentation format (be it performance, installation, or something in between), its medium, or its performer or operator. These works often incorporate a critical use of technology (often in the form of artificial intelligence), reflecting on its role in structuring our social subjectivities, our political economies, and our societies. Osmun’s work is also permeated by recurring themes of digital materiality, critically engineered interfaces, and socially mediating technology. 

Osmun is a Ph.D. Candidate in Composition at the University of California San Diego studying under the advisorship of Michelle Lou. His music has been performed internationally, being heard at the SEAMUS National Conference, the SCI National Conference, NYCEMF, Neofonía Festival de Música Nueva de Ensenada, NSEME, the BGSU Graduate Conference in Music, and the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival. He has written works for Alarm Will Sound, the St. Louis Symphony, and SPLICE Ensemble, and has pursued numerous close collaborations with colleagues and friends including Will Yager, Peter Ko, Berk Schneider, and Joey Bourdeau. 


  • A.B.D. University of California, San Diego
  • M.M. University of Missouri
  • B.M. Western Michigan University