Isaac Muñoz

headshot of Isaac Munoz

Lecturer of Audio, Recording, and Sound Reinforcement



Primary Email: [email protected]


Isaac Muñoz is a first generation Mexican-American who has lived in Southern California for the majority of his life. He currently teaches recording and sound reinforcement at San Diego State University. His fascination with music technology began as a kid when he heard laser sounds shooting out of electric guitars and made it his goal to understand audio effects. Isaac’s path to combining music and engineering was kickstarted when he received the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship which enabled him to travel throughout Latin America building musical instruments.

As a staff engineer at Qualcomm, Isaac is developing the next generation of audio technologies on the Multimedia R&D team. He has traveled internationally to showcase live immersive audio streaming experiences and work on prototype microphones. In his spare time, Isaac participates in STEM outreach programs such as the Qualcomm Thinkabit Lab.

Isaac is a strong sustainability advocate and avid public transportation user. You can find him using a variety of modalities to commute to the classroom, including skateboards and a custom built folding electric bicycle. He also enjoys participating in century bicycle events including BikeMS: Bay to Bay and Padres Pedal the Cause.


  • Ph.D. Computer Music, University of San Diego
  • B.S. Electrical Engineering, Caltech