Dr. Karen Koner

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Associate Professor, Music Education



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Music - 201


Dr. Karen Koner serves as associate professor and coordinator of music education at San Diego State University. As a specialist in instrumental music education, she teaches undergraduate courses focusing on K-12 teaching strategies, rehearsal techniques, lesson planning, and curriculum. Dr. Koner holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Curriculum and Instruction in Music Education from the University of Maryland, as well as additional degree from the University of Arizona.
Dr. Koner’s research interests encompass topics related to music teacher education with a specific lens of examining current needs of pre-service music educators in her home state of California, as well as mental health, stress management, and mindfulness techniques of music educators and students. She has presented her research and work internationally and nationally through music education professional conferences in Glasgow, Scotland, Tel Aviv, and throughout the United States. Dr. Koner’s research can be found in journals such as the Update: Applications of Research in Music Education and International Journal of Music Education. Additionally, Dr. Koner can be found in her spare time instructing yoga, with a specialty in Restorative, Yin, & Chair Yoga practices. She enjoys combining her love of yoga and music teacher training by working with musicians and educators on techniques to increase health awareness in the music classroom.


  • Ph.D., Philosophy, Curriculum and Instruction in Music Education, University of Maryland
  • MM, Music Theory, University of Arizona
  • ME, Secondary Education, University of Phoenix
  • BM, Music Education, University of Arizona