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Bands & Orchestra Auditions

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You DO NOT have to be a music major to play in an ensemble at SDSU. Non-majors are ENCOURAGED to participate!

ALL Music Majors are required to take an audition


SDSU offers both auditioned and non-auditioned ensembles so that all levels of musicians can find a musical outlet during their time at SDSU. The Wind Symphony, Symphony Orchestra, and Jazz Ensemble all require auditions to participate in the ensembles. Auditions take place at the beginning of each semester for both the Fall and Spring semesters. All interested students are encouraged to audition for the ensembles. No auditions are required to participate in the CONCERT BAND, unless you are interested in playing a principal part in the ensemble. For further information on each group, visit the “ensembles” portion of this website.

*Learn more about auditioning for the Jazz Ensembles at SDSU.

*Learn more about joining the Marching Aztecs.


Audition Requirements - SPRING 2019


  1. Perform prescribed audition material. Most audition materials can be downloaded from the ensembles website (  No material will be mailed. Follow the links on the website for specific information on requirements for each instrument.
  2. *Non-music majors and non-music minors may elect to prepare a solo of their choice instead of the below excerpts. (ALL MUSIC MAJORS AND MINORS must prepare the excerpts below)*

  3. Perform sight-reading selection(s) chosen by audition panel.


Times & Locations


  1. Auditions will be held the first and second week of classes in the Music Building. Rooms and times are specified below.

  2. Auditions will occur in 5- to 10-minute increments, during a block of time for each section (brass, woodwinds, strings, percussion). Though we will do our best to stay on schedule, please plan your schedule accordingly in case auditions either move ahead or fall behind.

  3. Sign up for an available audition time via the below links. Be sure to visit the link specified for your instrument family.



Tuesday, January 22, 2:00-5:00pm
Music Building, Room 114



Thursday, January 24, 1:30-2:30pm
Music Building, Room 114



Wednesday, January 23, 12:00-4:00pm
Music Building, Room 114



Wednesday, January 23, 5:00-9:00pm
Music Building, Room 114


Sign Up for an Audition

Click on the below links to sign-up for an audition slot. Each link is specific to each instrument family.

Brass - via Signup Genius

Woodwind - via Signup Genius

Percussion - via Signup Genius

Strings - via Signup Genius



Ensemble Rehearsal Times


PLEASE NOTE that there is NO conflict between Orchestra and Wind Symphony. Strings rehearse alone on Fridays and wind/percussion players are permitted (and often encouraged) to participate in both ensembles.


Audition Music:

(click your instrument to download a pdf of the audition material)

Non-music majors and non-music minors may elect to prepare a solo of their choice instead of the below excerpts. (ALL MUSIC MAJORS AND MINORS must prepare the excerpts below)


Final Placement & First Rehearsals:

Ensemble assignments are posted on the call boards in the music building (outside of room 114)

Symphony Orchestra T.B.A

Chamber Orchestra T.B.A

Wind Symphony T.B.A

Symphonic Band T.B.A (bring instruments)

Concert Band T.B.A (No instruments)


Audition Advice:

For advice on auditioning, read more here.