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About the Program

Ethnomusicology is the study of music in cultural context, anywhere and everywhere in the world. Ethnomusicologists combine anthropological fieldwork, musical performance and analysis, ethnographic writing, and a range of interdisciplinary theoretical perspectives to offer an integrated vision of music’s role in the societies they study.

The School of Music and Dance offers an M.A. in Music with a specialization in ethnomusicology. A small but quality degree program with a thirty-year history of world music and ethnomusicology instruction offerings include a variety of rigorous courses (seminars in Research Procedures, Ethnomusicology, Historiography, Fieldwork Theory and Method, and various Area Studies) designed to prepare students for teaching, research, or entry into doctoral programs. While the program is essentially a research program, performance is also a key component of our ethnomusicology curriculum. We offer graduate students private lessons in practically any music style for which instruction is available in San Diego County and the option of enrolling in any of the world music performance ensembles.

At the M.A. project level students have the option of completing either a full thesis or combining written work with performance in a lecture-recital format. The program gives students individual attention and provides an excellent transition for performers interested in pursuing research, teaching, and doctoral studies in ethnomusicology.

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