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Jazz Auditions - Spring 2021

Materials for the Audition via Zoom

Auditions for all jazz groups will be on Zoom on January 20, 21 and 22 from 9am-1pm. We will be using Karl Soukup’s Personal Zoom Meeting Link:  691 707 1297

Here is the link to sign-up for a time slot through Shirley:

Here is the link to the audition form that must be filled out before the audition:

Please Sign-up for the Earliest Time Possible!

These will be 10-minute audition slots (please sign-up for two consecutive slots if you are doing a jury make-up, Jr. level and/or preliminary audition).

All jazz ensembles and combos will rehearse at their regular times in OAT starting when F2F is allowed. We will of course be socially distancing and rehearsing outdoors.

Until then, we will be meeting virtually. Be ready for intense sight reading sessions before we go to F2F.  Those not able to do the F2F when we transition will be able to continue doing the virtual curriculum.

All undergraduates will sign-up for the 300 sections (M389 and/or M370) as no 100 level will be listed in the class schedule.  Those of you who would have been signing up at the 100 level will just be getting one of your upper division credits taken care of.  All graduate students will sign-up for the 500 sections (M589 and/or M570) as usual.

Jazz Reading for the Audition

Reading materials for the audition will be posted on the Jazz Studies website as pdf’s. ZOOM AUDITION MATERIALS

You will perform excerpts from this material with a metronome at the tempos given to you at the jury. Drums will also play all the styles.

Jazz Improvisation:

You will perform one piece to improvise over: (head and 3 improvised choruses). You will need to provide a back-up track to play with.

Audition Results:

Audition results will be posted on Saturday, January 23rd (by 2pm) on the website at

Check all groups in case you have been placed in more than one.