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  • Group of dancers with arms out and mouth opened as if screaming
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  • Dance Performance
  • Aubrhe Tia explaining a dance move to students


The Division of Dance is a laboratory for exploration, integration, and conscious action: an ecosystem where emerging artists practice, connect, create, and reflect with depth and permeability. In this academic program, dance is personal, physical, social, and political. We prepare developing artists for dynamic, self-authored, and innovative careers in dance with curriculum that fosters collaboration and mindful leadership. Our approach to dance cultivates dynamic relationships informed by and influential to the world around us. At the heart of this rigorous study is a love of dancing.

The Division of Dance at SDSU promotes dance that is lively and connected to our immediate experience and values. We are informed by contemporary culture and current dance/art discourses and we honor our shared lineage.

In our program, DANCING creates opportunities to:

  • Practice embodied inquiry through conscious action, reflection, and repetition
  • Relate in dynamic, receptive, responsive, and mindful collaboration between teacher/student, dancer/choreographer, dancer/dancer, dancemakers /the dances being made, performer/audience, art/life.
  • Manifest “products” that reflect creative processes designed for invention and discovery rather than imitation and execution.
  • Articulate intentionally, clearly, and effectively in physical, verbal and written forms.

The above capacities are present and cultivated in all 4 areas of study:

    1. Technique(s) - Technique is not an approach as one “style,” but as a practice to explore, create, develop, enrich and expand our movement potentials. Technique(s) practices learning and knowing through dancing. Technique(s) explores the differences and overlaps of function, expression, and style.
    2. Dancemaking - Dancemaking is a process-oriented series of classes that explores choreography, improvisation, the spectrum between and hybrid forms that merge pre-determined material with instant choice making as on-going practices.
    3. Performance - Performance is a laboratory that is a continuation of the creative process even though the “stakes are higher.”
    4. Theory - Theory examines the principles, practices and politics of dance/ing through historical and contemporary lenses.

Contexts and Coursework

    Techniques (capacity emphasized- PRACTICING)
      Contemporary Modern 1 & 2
      Ballet 1 & 2
      contact improvisation
      Embodied Anatomy (GE)
      Body Modalities

    Dancemaking (capacity emphasized- RELATING)

      Dancemaking 1, 2 & 3
      Senior Concert
      Choreography for Camera

    Performance (capacity emphasized- MANIFESTING)

      Performance Forum
      Senior Project
      Multimedia and Performance

    Theory: Inquiry, Reflection, and Communication (capacity emphasized- ARTICULATING)

      Intro to Dance (GE)
      Aesthetics & Criticism
      Dance History
      Digital Technology for Dancers



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